GC Confessions
Confessions anyone?
Oh my god. Honey. Please don’t. It’s not worth it. Trust me.

Oh my god. Honey. Please don’t. It’s not worth it. Trust me.

I can’t post without confessions. I’ll take anything :)
happylittledrummermite asked you: I AM WRITING A TRUE STORY DEDICATED TO JOEL AND BENJI!!..I couldn’t actually listen to hold on because i knew what it was about and our friend died and i was living alone, so i was doing everything to not think about it.. but now i can listen to it ..I ask you a question can you please tell me what Gc HAS DONE FOR YOU to save your life and your opinion on the music of today :) peace

Wow ok. No one has ever asked me this before. But without Good Charlotte, i wouldn’t be alive. The song Hold On saved me. I was seriously thinking about suicide and I was deciding if I should stab myself or take pills, but I accidently clicked on that song and I listened to the lyrics. Good Charlotte was the first band to ever really speak to me. They saved my life. And they continue too. Every time I get suicidal, I listen to Good Charlotte and they save me. They also introduced me to the punk scene. Also the pop-punk scene and the rock scene. They helped me shape my personality. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And my opinion about the music today. Hmm..well I think it’s all crap. I would rather listen to instruments than a computer. I admit, some songs are good. But it’s all mainly about how awesome the artist is or how rich they are. There aren’t any songs about real life anymore and it’s a shame. We need more songs that save people’s lives because suicide is still a huge part of our culture, unfortunately.

I’m back! Confess!!!!